Vovo Imunsen Air Purifier – Compact Black

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The world’s first luxury air purifier to use a 100% natural cypress wooden filter that dispenses purified and phytoncides-charged air with non-chemical advantages.

Vovo Imunsen Compact No.1 Winner of ‘Germany IF Product Design Award 2021’

Key Features:

  • Hinoki Cypress Wood Filter
  • Medical Grade HEPA-13 Filter
  • Automatic Smart Sensor Adjustment
  • Aerodynamic 360° Design
  • Light Sensor Automation
  • Made in Korea


Colour: Black
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Embrace the next generation of air quality that utilises cypress wood to give you back what nature intended.

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Made in Korea

IF Design Award Winner

Planting a Cypress Tree in your Home

Vovo Imunsen Series – Compact
Cypress Wood Air Purifier


Embrace the Next Generation of Air Quality

In Collaboration with Nature

Vovo Imunsen does more than keep your air clean. It is the world’s first air purifier to use a 100% natural cypress wooden filter in order to create an eco-friendly and top functioning air purifier. Experience having a Cypress tree in your home with Vovo.


Effect of 100% Natural Cypress Wood Filter

Reduces and Prevents Sick House Syndrome

Removes 34.38% of formaldehyde

Supports Stress Reduction

Cypress phytoncide is the best source of reducing stress

Aromatherapy Function

Reduces 50% of cortisol concentration; reduces stress and improves immunity

Antibacterial and Antifungal Effect

Decreases 99.9% of pneumococcal; beneficial for atopic dermatitis and allergies

Enhances Concentration and Memorization

Increases brain activity and alpha wave

Insect Repellent and Bactericidal

Reduce 80% of house dust mites; kills pests to prevent Infection

Built-in Diffuser
(100% Cypress Oil Capsule)

When the diffuser is used in conjunction with its specially-designed 100% pure distilled cypress oil capsules, it elevates the simple act of lounging at home to a different level of relaxation.

The cypress essential oils we use are obtained only from the finest cypress trees through the process of steam distillation. No additives of any sort are added.

What is phytoncides-charged air?

Phytoncides are naturally occurring good chemicals present in trees and forests that encourage NK (natural killer) cell activity in the human body. NK cells are cancer-fighting proteins that seek out and fight virus-ridden cells.

World’s Top 3 Prestigious Design Award

No.1 Winner of ‘Germany IF Product Design Award 2021’ for Small type Air Purifier


How are Vovo Air Purifiers Different?

Eliminates 99.97% harmful airborne particles

Equipped with Medical Grade HEPA-13 filter


The Ultimate 4-Layer Purification Process

Switched On:

The air quality smart sensor automatically detects the number of contaminants in the air and gets to work without missing a beat.

Automatic Mode Adjustment:

When necessary (or when opted), the auto mode adjusts to a suitable fan speed for optimum air purification.

1st Filteration Stage:

The pre-filter layer immediately traps larger particles like dust, pollen, spores, pet fur/dander, and lint.

2nd Filteration Stage:

The medical-grade H13 HEPA filter captures 99.97% of microscopic airborne particles down from PM2.5 to 0.3 microns in size.

3rd Filteration Stage:

The third filter layer targets and eliminates toxic particles such as VOCs, other harmful gases and even pet odours.

4th Filteration Stage:

Purified air passes through the Cypress wood filter which produces phytoncides-charged air giving you the ultimate lounging experience.


Goodbye Common Household Pollutants


Typically PM5.0 in size


60% from outdoors

Pet Dander

Dogs, Cats & Others


Trees, Grass, & Weeds


Grows in Dry Areas


Books, Shoes, Paws

Dust Mites

Bedding, Furniture, & More

Tobacco Smoke

Cigarettes & Road Traffic

Virus Carriers

Poorly Ventilated Areas

All Bacteria

People, Pest, Water, Air


Fumes & Cooking

Lead Dust

Painting & Construction

Monitoring your Air Quality

With in-built PM 2.5 air quality sensor showcasing 3 different LED light indications for your convenience

Smart Detection, Automatic Cleaning

Particle sensors will detect air quality and automatically adjust the air purifier’s cleaning mode accordingly.

Slient Motor for Uninterrupted Sleep

Sleep like a baby with our effective yet quiet air purifier at 33dB motor noise level.


State-of-the-Art Korean Technology

Full-area Coverage

Fully cleanse area size up to 177 sqft, 16.5m², reaching even poorly ventilated areas

Aerodynamic 360° Design

Precise 3D stereoscopic cleaning with 5 dust suction directions including the top surface

Light Sensor Automation

Automatically switch to night mode with a smart light sensor for undisturbed sleep

Electro Galvanized Steel

Outer-structure is made from EGI with high corrosion resistance and low maintenance


Tested by Numerous Certification Centres

“Conscious breathing is the best antidote to stress, anxiety and depression.”

― Amit Ray

Frequently Asked Questions

All Vovo products are designed and manufactured in our facility in Korea.

Yes, IMUNSEN air purifier tested and affirmed by numerous certification centres.


IMUNSEN air purifiers have an inbuilt diffuser. Follow the guide below on how to use an Imunsen capsule.

Vovo Imunsen Air Purifier Series

Vovo Imunsen Air Purifiers